October 2023 Trestleboard

Wausau Trestleboard
October 2023

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Greetings from the East!

We find ourselves in the heart of October, Halloween is fast approaching, there are only a couple of months left in the year, and we are in the home stretch. I think that the year has gone pretty well so far, but the best part is that it’s not over yet.

District #3 recently held its Fall Meeting and one of the topics that was presented had to do with a service and assistance program that Grand Lodge administers. It provides another opportunity for us as Masons to follow through with our obligation. In that it is a way for us to make sure that our poor, worthy, distressed brothers have a way to get the help, both financially, in the short-term, and otherwise, that they need when they are going through challenging times. It is our way at a state level of providing a hand up and not a handout. Now, that can be hard for some of our Brothers. Why is that? It is
because they are proud, right? They mat find themselves in a situation where they do not want Brothers of our Lodge to know all of the details of the struggles that they are facing. If you go to the Wisconsin Masonic Charities portion of our website (https://wimasoniccharities.com/wisconsin-masonic-service-and-
assistance/) there is an online form for them to complete to get the ball rolling. Information needed involves the type and amount of help you are seeking, your Masonic affiliation and your Masonic references. And you may request the assistance on someone else’s behalf. These are applications for grants and not loans. They do not need to go to the local Lodge for the help that they need, if that is what is holding them back. Now, there is some help that can not be provided. Two examples are legal fees and most credit card debt. Now, I say MOST credit card debt. Some, in rare circumstances, can be addressed. If a brother’s lady is in an accident far from home and he needs to stay in a hotel and puts that on a credit card, well, that can get consideration. It’s something urgent and he may not have any other options at the time. But general credit card debt can not be helped directly. But recommendations can be made for financial services and planners to
be involved in assisting Brothers that need help with getting a plan developed to reduce the burden of that sort of debt. Also, consistent with our obligation, it is not just our Brothers that this program is open to. Our widows and orphans are also eligible for help from the Service and Assistance Program. Keep it in mind, Brothers. You never know who may need it.

Take care everyone! Have a Happy October, enjoy whatever Fright Night movie marathons are on, haunted houses that are in the area, and push Masonry forward!

See you at Lodge!
Lars Framness
Worshipful Master – Forest Lodge #130

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Forest Lodge No. 130, F & A.M.
October 11th – Stated Meeting at 7PM
October 25th –  Stated Meeting at 7PM
November 8th – Stated Meeting at 7PM
November 15th – Stated Meeting – Past Master Night at 7PM
November 24th – Breakfast with Santa

Wausau York Rite
October 5th – Council & Commandery stated communication
November 2nd – Council & Commandery stated communication

Scottish Rite Club
Log Cabin Restaurant at 7:00 A.M. on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays each month.

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