July 2023 Trestleboard

Wausau Trestleboard
July 2023

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Greetings from the East!

Brethren, summer is well upon us. I hope each of you have had the opportunity to spend time both in nature and with your families enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures – They will be gone before you know it.

With the summer approaching, we have come to the part of the year where Forest Lodge has traditionally gone dark. And we will do that…for the most part. I do not plan on having our regular Stated Communications for the months of July and August. However, we will be having Special Communications as needed. If we have an Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft that is ready to be examined in Lodge and receive the next degree, I will arrange to make that happen. It’s important that we keep going so that our newer Brothers can continue on their Masonic path with the help of their mentors. Mentors – If you have a candidate that is ready to be examined, please, reach out to me so that a Special Communication can be announced.

Speaking of continuing on the path, congratulations are in order for Brother Keith Mathews who was passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on June 14th. The Degree team did a fine job and our Brother got to see some of what Forest Lodge does best! Thank you to the Brothers that filled chairs that they don’t normally sit in, and thank you to our District Lecturer, Tony Budaj, for travelling from Phillips to give one of the lectures. It’s always a treat to see that done!

We also had one Special Communication in the month of June. There was one purpose for that, and it was the renewing of the obligations of one of our Brothers. Ou Brother has recently had a profound change in his life, as he has completed a religious conversion. As he felt himself to be new or reborn, he felt that it would be appropriate to renew his obligations in his new found character. It was a short but special evening and I was happy to help arrange and take part in it. Congratulations to our Brother as he continues down his spiritual path that the Supreme Architect of the Universe has illuminated for him!

The Grand Lodge Annual Communication was held on June 2 – 3. Thank you to the Brothers for serving as proxies for the principal officers, as they were already t committed to attending in other capacities. Forest Lodge was well represented. In attendance were Jesse Furrer, Stephen Britton, Dave Imlah, Barry Maxfield, Charlie Imlah, Corey Nowak, and Rick Rausch. It was a good turnout! Thank you to our members that made the trip to Madison and take part in this important meeting.

Enjoy your summer Brothers and you will be seeing and hearing more words from the East in the coming weeks!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Lars Framness
Worshipful Master – Forest Lodge #130

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