August 2019 Trestleboard + Update

Wausau Trestleboard
August 2019

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Jean came home the other day and asked “Did you really tell Frank and Dutch that they are to look a man in the eyes when greeting him, passing him on the street, or knocking out his teeth?” “Who?” “Our sons.” “Sounds familiar why?” “They now icy-stare at everybody out in public and is giving people the willies” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I started Fred and Doug on the ‘red rum’ chant last night as well as telling them “If you’re not mad enough to bare knuckle fight then you’re not mad.” Of course, If I’m lucky enough for Frasier and Dexter to petition the Fraternity, then greeting a man on the street and finding out he is a Brother is another thrill unto itself that really only our Fraternity can understand. I highly recommend finding this small detail out first before gearing up for a slobber knocker. It could come off as un-Masonic.

Running into an unknown Brother when you’re out and about is a very cool experience. But what makes it cool? It is a very unique landmark that makes us Masons. We have the right to travel and work as masters of the craft and this recognition from one Brother to another is exercising that right, we labored hard to obtain. It’s more than just a handshake or a Brotherly greeting, it’s a tradition and a heritage. We are saying I recognize and accept you as one of the craft. One of us. I hope you think about that the next time you shake hands with a Brother. Especially when abroad. You may not know him, but he is well-known and accepted. That simple handshake is a continuance of  a Fraternal  greeting, landmark, pledge and promise. Everything we promised at the altar is reaffirmed between the two in those mere moments. Your obligation is being is being laid upon you once again and you in turn are acknowledging it. It is really a neat gift that our Brothers before us gave to us that we will give to those after us and that tie that binds will perpetuate itself. An unbroken link of past, present and future. So, I request you come to Lodge. Reaffirm your obligations just by saying hi and shaking hands. We will be having 2 stated meetings in August. [Edited/Updated] Both will be in Merrill at 916 1-2  East Main Street Merrill. The 2nd stated will also be a Master Mason degree.

For the record, Fletcher and Duke took to saying “Only hippies call it broth. Real men call it meat tea” on their own. I had nothing to do with that. Or probably learned it from their mother.

Note the electronic Trestleboard is published monthly. Changes in dates and or times are reflected on our Calendar Page, which is updated as needed.

Forest Lodge No. 130, F & A.M.
August 14th —7:00PM — Stated Communication — Location: Merrill Lodge
August 25 — Forest Lodge #130 will sponsor the Mosinee Car Show commencing at 8.00am. The show is free to spectators and features music by Hobo, a Park Setting, and Cafeteria facilities. Volunteers are necessary and should contact Bro Kevin Sorenson
August 28th — 7PM Stated — Communication for Master Mason Degree Tiling 7:00 P.M. Location: Merrill Lodge

**Note: During August,  Forest Lodge 130 will meet at the Merrill Masonic Center, 916-1/2 E. Main St. Merrill, WI 54452**

Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club
Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club meets every Friday for a noon luncheon at the Wausau Elks Club.

Wausau York Rite
August 13th — St Omer Commandry Tiling at 7.00 P.M.
August 20th — York Rite Tiling at 7.00 P.M.

Scottish Rite Club
Log Cabin Restaurant at 7:00 A.M. on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays each month.

Wisconsin Valley Auxiliary
We will be on summer break from June, July and August. We will resume our meetings on Friday September 13 at Papillions from 11:30 – 1:30. I’ll make a note to myself to send information in July regarding the September meeting. Have a great summer.


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