July, Summer 2019 Trestleboard

Wausau Trestleboard
July – Summer 2019

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“Listen up boys. A big wheel with one component that is in poor condition will not function properly. Likewise, if there is a part of your personality or lifestyle that reflects poorly, you could appear to be just another incomplete cesspool to the people you meet. Fix it and move on. Also, just bench your weight and read a lot of books.” ~ “JOSEPH!”

That was a conversation that actually happened in our house not long ago. Of course, it was received by two bewildered boys who looked at me like I had 3 heads and a disapproving wife. Both looks I’ve grown accustomed to. This time however may have had something to do with the fact that it was unprovoked and they were quietly minding their business when I decided fill my quota of parenting for the day and barged in with my passive aggressive method of letting them know to handle loving criticism and quit being chowderheads for something I’m sure they did but I didn’t know about yet.

The 2 things I took away from it were…1) that while maybe I MAY BE a well-oiled machine that this doesn’t pertain to, the average man’s search for betterment is at the heart of Masonry. Self-inventory. Self-awareness. Note your strengths and your flaws as a human and seek to not only wrench on the faulty components but find things that will improve your machine via your strengths making her sleek, reliable and exquisite. (Yes, things of beauty grace and speed should always be referred to in the female gender.) 2) if confronted by a loving passive aggressive father or “other” pointing out in the friendliest manner possible of the cesspool you are becoming, don’t get defensive just take that self-inventory and fix it if actually warranted. Nothing personal. You can’t guarantee they will understand the message but at least you tried. I walked into the boy’s room the other night when their fighting interrupted my quiet evening of Hee-Haw. “Boys, you both want the pillow fort to be epic, but you can’t fight over every little detail. Ronald Reagan once said: ‘There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.’ So quit your infernal bickering and work together.” “Who’s Ronald Raymond?” *sigh* What are you going to do? So, let’s move forward with self-awareness wrought by an instructive tongue for the attentive ear, take self-inventory and be willing to share the credit and be happy for others being praised for their efforts. Harmony. Also, just bench your weight and read a lot of books.

Cordially and Fraternally

Joe Barlow

Note the electronic Trestleboard is published monthly. Changes in dates and or times are reflected on our Calendar Page, which is updated as needed.

Forest Lodge No. 130, F & A.M.
July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st
  —  Dark
July 24th — Quarterly Dinner at Richard’s Supper Club – Social 6.00 pm – Dinner 7.00 pm. Order from menu.

August 7th  —  Dark
August 14th —7:00PM — Stated Communication — Location TBD
August 7th, 21st  —  Dark
August 25 — Forest Lodge #130 will sponsor the Mosinee Car Show commencing at 8.00am. The show is free to spectators and features music by Hobo, a Park Setting, and Cafeteria facilities. Volunteers are necessary and should contact Bro Kevin Sorenson
August 28th — Stated Communication for Master Mason Degree Tiling 7:00 P.M.

Note: June, July, and August are scheduled dark with special communications where degree work is warranted and published as required

**Note Forest Lodge 130 now meets at the Merrill Masonic Center, 916-1/2 E. Main St. Merrill, WI 54452**

Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club
Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club meets every Friday for a noon luncheon at the Wausau Elks Club.

Wausau York Rite

Scottish Rite Club
Log Cabin Restaurant at 7:00 A.M. on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays each month.

Wisconsin Valley Auxiliary
We will be on summer break from June, July and August. We will resume our meetings on Friday September 13 at Papillions from 11:30 – 1:30. I’ll make a note to myself to send information in July regarding the September meeting. Have a great summer.

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