November 2011 Trestleboard

Wausau Trestleboard
November 2011

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From the East

An interesting little tid-bit from the Farmer’s Almanac in 1823…

A real Freemason is distinguished from the rest of Mankind by the uniform unrestricted rectitude of his conduct. Other men are honest in fear of punishment which the law might inflict; they are religious in expectation of being rewarded, or in dread of the devil in the next world. A Freemason would be just if there were no laws, human or divine except those written in his heart by the finger of his Creator. In every climate, under every system of religion, he is the same. He kneels before the Universal Throne of God in gratitude for the blessing he has received and humble solicitation for his future protection. He venerates the good men of all religions. He gives no offense, because he does not choose to be offended. He contracts no debts which he is certain he cannot discharge, because he is honest upon principle.

I find it quite interesting when you find Masonic information and references in documents and books where you least expect it.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support our Fraternity’s principals with dedication, passion, and tireless efforts.

Jim Bitner, WM

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Forest Lodge No. 130, F & A.M.
Nov 2nd 7:00 PM Stated Communication: Election of Officers for 2012.
Nov 16th 7:00 EA Degree

Mosinee Lodge No. 318, F & A.M.
Nov 3rd 7:00 PM  Stated Meeting
Nov 18th 7:00 PM Stated Meeting: Election of Officers.

Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club
Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club meets every Friday for a noon luncheon at the Wausau Elks Club.

Wausau York Rite
Nov 15th — 7:00 PM  Stated Meeting – Commandery
Nov 10th — 7:00 PM  Stated Meeting – Council

Scottish Rite Club
Meets for breakfast at 7:00 AM 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays at Perkins.

Wisconsin Valley Auxiliary
Wisconsin Valley Shrine Auxiliary will meet Friday, November 11, 2011 for a noon luncheon and meeting at the Elks Club. The program will be presented by Jan and Lloyd Wieman sharing their trip to China: “China—A World Apart”.

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