January 2011 Trestleboard

Wausau Trestleboard
January 2011

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Dear Brethren,

We are about to launch another Masonic year. I am excited about our future. We have a number of new Master Masons, and they are eager to be about the work of being a Mason.

The focal point of the ensuing year will be on Masonic education, and many of my columns will be a teaching point on the qualifications of a true Mason. I recently read a Masonic writing, and copied a paragraph that seems to do a wonderful job of succinctly addressing this subject of a true Mason.

“All true Masons know that their work is not secret, but they realize that it must remain unknown to all who do not live the true Masonic life. Yet if the so-called secrets of Freemasonry were shouted from the housetops, the Fraternity would be absolutely safe; for certain spiritual qualities are necessary before the real Masonic secrets can be understood by the brethren themselves. Hence it is that the alleged ‘exposures’ of Freemasonry, printed by the thousands and tens of thousands since 1730 down to the present hour, cannot injure the Fraternity. They reveal merely the outward forms and ceremonies of Freemasonry. Only those who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright, and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their Craft. To the rest of their brethren within or without the lodge their sacred rituals must remain, as Shakespeare might have said, ‘Words, words, words.’ Within the Mason’s own being is concealed the Power, which, blazing forth from his purified being, constitutes the Builder’s Word. His life is the sole password which admits him to the true Masonic Lodge. His spiritual urge is the sprig of acacia which, through the darkness of ignorance, still proves that the spiritual fire is alight. Within himself he must build those qualities which will make possible his true understanding of the Craft. He can show the world only forms which mean nothing; the life within is forever concealed until the eye of the Spirit reveals it.”*

Looking forward to seeing you at our first Stated Communication on January 5th.

Jim Bitner, WM

*Reprinted from The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall.

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Forest Lodge No. 130, F & A.M.
Jan 5th — 7:00 PM – Stated Communication Business
Jan 19th — 7:00 PM – Stated Communication – Degree Work, SW John Galindo in the East (All Officers will advance one chair.)

Mosinee Lodge No. 318, F & A.M.
Jan 6th — 7:00 PM – Stated
Jan 9th — 2:00 PM – Installation of Officers
Jan 20th — 7:00 PM – Stated

Wisconsin Valley Shrine Club
Meet every Friday 12:00 PM @ Wausau Elks

Wausau York Rite
Jan 18th — Stated Chapter & Council
Jan 13th — Stated Commandery
Jan 15th — Homecoming and Inspection, Dinner to follow

Scottish Rite Club
Meet at Annie’s American Café the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for breakfast, 7:00 AM.

Wisconsin Valley Auxiliary
Wisconsin Valley Auxiliary will meet Friday, January 14, 2011 for a noon luncheon and meeting at the Elks Club. The program will be the installation of officers for 2011

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